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HB-Technik USA is a high-tech bakery machinery and bakery equipment manufacturer and distributor, established in 1970.  We are also experts at bakery facility planning and design and bakery installation and proudly serve the needs of the baking industry throughout the globe.  HB-Technik has more than 4.000 systems installed worldwide.

  • Automated Ingredient/Raw Material Handling Systems
  • Automated Systems for Dough Fermentation
  • Bakery Automation with BACKCONTROL 2012™ Technology
  • Bakery Planning, Bakery Equipment, Sales & Installation
  • Bread Recycling Systems
  • Dough Fermentation Tanks - Sour Dough/Leaven/Poolish/Biga
  • Dust Collection Systems
  • Flour Scales & Hoppers
  • Flour Silos - Both Indoor & Outdoor Types
  • Ingredient Handling Systems (Minor & Micro)
  • Liquid Yeast/Egg Systems
  • Liquid Ice Systems
  • Training/Technical Support 24/7

We can customize our equipment to fit the needs of your operation and your facility while providing maximum control over the material handling process throughout your bakery or plant.  Here at HB-Technik, we draw upon our broad range of experience to provide you with a total solution.  We are there each step of the way; from the floor plan and complete material flow chart, to dough preparation, planning and timing.  We offer a hassle free, complete installation; even offering a smooth transition into your company's startup with thorough employee training.  HB-Technik is there for all of your company's material handling needs.

Our newly designed BACKCONTROL 2012™ Processing Software and the latest ERP/MES Software, E-BAKE ENHANCED™ Edition, provide you with 100% control of all raw materials used in your production process, thus giving you full control with HACCP implemented software.
Material control and handling, together with ERP Control will give you all the tools you need to be successful in your business.

HB-Technik - the best solution for today's bakery needs!