HB-Technik has been building bakery flour and ingredient silos for over forty years.  There are over 4,000 silo systems installed worldwide.  Silos are used to store various types of flour, sugar and grain products.

For indoor or outdoor silos, from 1 to 100 ton capacity, HB-Technik is the market leader in building aluminum or stainless steel silos worldwide.

Silos can have different discharge systems; aerated bottoms are common for flour, while granulated materials utilize vibro bottoms to ensure perfect discharge.

HB-Technik has round and square silos.  Round silos are used mostly in outdoor locations.  Square silos fit perfectly inside buildings, offering better space efficiency.  All silos can be installed with weight control for inventory management.

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Indoor Silos


Square Indoor Flour Silos

Outdoor Silos


Outdoor Flour Silos (Square and round)