Storing and discharging of raw-materials such as salt, sugar, whole-wheat, grain, cereals, mixed flour and baking-additives


The Big Bags are normally lifted with a crane attached to the big bag station.  There are applications where the big bag is lifted with a fork lift and hooked up onto the frame construction.  The bag is discharged into the pressurized delivery pipe via a special vibration unit beneath the big bag opening.  The discharge process is completely dust free.


Width:from 3' to 6'
Depth:from 3' to 6'
Height:min. room height 10'
Bag capacity:from 500 to 5000 lbs
Bag lifting:attached electric crane or mobile fork lift
Discharge system:vibration bottom, rotary valve connected to vacuum or pressure system
Dust collection:Standard internal dust collection, or
optional separately attached dust collection hood
Discharge rate:with Vacuum discharge: between 500 and 3500 lbs per hour
with Pressure discharge: between 500 and 4000 lbs per hour
Frame material and discharge bottom:Steel construction powder coated or
stainless steel construction
Min. or empty indicator:Paddle indicator or electronic sensor for min. level