Fully automatic dosing and weighing of components (ingredients) like salt, sugar, spices, baking-additives and flour.  Computer aided recipe-work out.


The ingredients are stored in the compo containers.  They are automatically dosed with a high accuracy (5 grams), onto the conveyor belt scale.  After the weighing and dosing of all components of the recipe, the conveyor belt transports the ingredients automatically to the central sampling point.  A second transport takes place via conveyor-belt, utilizing vacuum-pressured pneumatics to send the total recipe to the selected mixer.


Transport (automatically)
Compo 2500: by conveyor-belt into a dish (vessel)
Compo 3000: by vacuum conveyance into a central hopper (scale) or vacuum pressure scale
Compo 4000/5000: by pressure pneumatic to a central hopper or vacuum pressure scale.

NOTE:  products with a high digit degree of fat, or oily products must not be used with a compo.