HB-Technik offers sour-dough systems with a tank capacity from 300 to 20,000 lbs.  The fermentation process is fully controlled using BAKECONTROL 2008™.  This allows you to decide your own fermentation process.

HB-Technik has twenty years of experience with liquid yeast and sour-dough systems.  All systems are cooled and heated.  The customer can program up to 25 steps inside a recipe for the fermentation process.  The system can be fed automatically with flour from an existing flour silo, or separately with bag dumping stations.  All flour filling systems are 100% dust free.  Water and yeast are also automatically supplied to the tanks.  All tanks are 100% sealed; ensuring that no bacteria entry is possible from the air in the tank.  This guarantees 100% controlled fermentation.  The tank cleans itself with every water feeding process.  All discharge pipes are automatically recycled to always keep the sour-dough fresh and temperature controlled in the discharge pipes.