HB-Technik was one of the first companies to design and manufacture bakery dust-collecting equipment, (the design was implemented in 1988).  Since that time, a wide range of dust collecting equipment has been produced.  Now we have sophisticated DUST COLLECTION SYSTEMS for all of our machines.  HB-Technik understands the importance of maintaining a dust free workplace environment for the health of the employee, and to apply to all the HACCP rules for clean packaging.

All HB-Technik Sour-dough systems are filled with flour via our Dust Collecting Equipment, making this process dust free.  This procedure ensures that there is no contamination during the fermentation process.

This picture shows a typical flour scale with an automatically raised dust hood.  Before the flour gets discharged, the hood comes down on top of the mixing bowl and seals airtight.  From the top of the dust hood, the connected vacuum sucks the dust right into the dust collection box.

The picture on left shows dust collection on sour-dough systems.  As on the flour scale, the collected flour dust ends up in the dust collector and can be reused.

Direct to the bowl filling stations with dust collection are an important step in providing clean environmental conditions in bakeries.

The picture at left shows a complete dust free operation on a compo ingredient machine.  On these kinds of machines, the dust collection machine is very important to ensure no kind of ingredient or dust ends up in the air - thus potentially endangering the health of workers.