HB-Technik has a large variety of so called "TABLE SCALES"  Table scales are connected to the recipe Computer BAKECONTROL 2008™.

The purpose for using table scales is to ensure that all ingredients used in a dough recipe are controlled by the recipe computer.

HB-Technik refers to ingredients commonly regulated by table scales as "MICRO INGREDIENTS"

The name of the ingredient that has to be scaled for the selected recipe appears on the display. In the second display line the weight that has to be scaled appears next to the actual weight display.  When the weight on the scale is right the operator pushes the button to call for the next ingredient or to end the scaling process.

The operator uses the computer to determine if the weight is within tolerance by pressing a button on the scale.  If the weight is not in the tolerance a alarm will sound.  The operator can then adjust the weight and repeat the process until the proper weight is reached.