Having the correct amount of water at the exact needed temperature has always been one of the most important steps in dough preparation.

In 1982, HB-Technik became the first company to introduce computer controlled equipment to the bakery manufacturing process.  One of the first of these new units was the fully automated Water Meter with Dough Temperature Control system.

With the design of the first flour scale computer; HB-15, and the recipe computer; HB-25, HB-Technik was the first to set the stage for computer controlled equipment in bakeries of the future.

In 1995, HB-Technik started the design of the Windows based recipe computer and now, with the BAKECONTROL 2008™, is one of the leading bakery system manufacturers in the world.


  • 10" or 15" Industrial touch screen, completely enclosed
  • Windows XP or Linux based operating system
  • Menu controlled Operation offers easy to use for operator
  • 100% control for all Ingredients stored in a Recipe
  • Can accommodate automated and/or hand added processes
  • Up to 256 machines and systems can be automated with one BAKECONTROL 2008™ System
  • Unlimited recipes and ingredients can be stored in the BAKECONTROL 2008
  • BAKECONTROL 2008™ connects directly to the Office via LAN Network
  • HACCP is integrated in the program, ready for Implementation in your factory
  • All dispensing and conveying units are controlled via LAN Network

Menu Screens

BAKECONTROL 2008™ can run on multiple touch-screen display panels.  There is no limit as to how many displays can be installed for a given application. Normally, with a single flour scale (called 1 line), there are two to three touch screens installed.  One directly by the flour scale, the second one in connection with a table scale (used for ingredient control), and a third used for recipe control and production list handling.  Displays can also be installed on sourdough tanks, liquid yeast machines or other liquid dosing systems.

BAKECONTROL 2008™ takes full control of all of your production needs, providing all the information needed during dough preparation.  All data is updated within seconds, making your inventory readily available to you at all times.

Recipe and Processing Security

Information is protected via required password login.  Subsequently, this allows you to view production status, inventory, alarm lists, recipes, and ingredients.

HACCP integration

HACCP is now a standard software integration with the BAKECONTROL 2008™, thus providing all data necessary to ensure all material handling is 100% controlled.

Sourdough, Sponge Poolish or Biga preparation and finishing time are 100% programmable.  Fermented dough is finished the way you like it and at the time you need it.  The sourdough gets fed automatically with flour and water.  There are unlimited steps to choose from for the preparation.  The Baker now has 100% control over the sourdough fermentation.  He can decide what kind of Poolish Biga or sourdough he wants.  If he finds the right steps in the production the BAKECONTROL 2008™ repeats every production in the same quality.  See more details on our special page for Sourdough Systems

BAKECONTROL 2008™ ensures 100% temperature control, precisely finished to the minute when the sourdough is needed for the final dough mix.