We focus on your real requirements and needs, taking into consideration your budget and economic situation.  We will gladly adapt to suit the needs your company's type and size.  We know it's not enough just to offer stainless steel products.  We customize our equipment to suit your company's needs.  HB-Technik designs and delivers high-tech equipment for industrial bakeries and plants as well as small or midsized bakeries.  We develop, test and produce approximately 90% of our catalog items in our own 35,000 sq. foot plant.  HB-Technik has a 50% market share in European bakeries, and is steadily increasing the market share in the North America.  We are the first company in this branch to offer a complete overview and transparency with comparison models and packages.  We ensure that our customers are completely involved in creating the right layout for their needs.

HB-Technik's name is synonymous with Quality

Our products "pass through our hands."  While we do use electronic brand modules that meet with international standards, (such as industrial PC's or PLC's hardware), all decisive services such as engineering, programming, assembly, testing and updates lye within the hands of our company or outlying family.  We find these factors to be an essential part of competency and progression within our computer and electronic branch.

We are truly independent, with particular focus on customer service, stock keeping of spare parts and product longevity.

Bakery Planning

HB-Technik designs entire bakery facilities.  We have the engineers and experience to make detailed planning and drawings for your architect.  We know the material flow in bakeries, giving the best advice and design to match your individual needs and budget.  We deliver and install all our equipment, offering a turnkey finish for the customer.


HB-Technik installations are known for their lack of complications and virtual ease.  We guarantee that each and every one of your employees will be able to operate all plant devices immediately after training.  For large installations, training with a strong emphasis on your company recipe structure is possible at our test facility, even before assembly of your plant.  HB-Technik delivers and installs turnkey finished equipment and also oversees the changes and adaption needed to fit our equipment.  We have weekly meetings with your outside contractors to ensure that from electrical installation to plumbing, flooring etc., everything is on schedule.  With our 40 years of bakery planning and designing, HB-Technik is your partner for experienced bakery planning, design, installation, training, sales, and 24/7 internet service.

Training and instruction

Preparation and perfection are both part of the HB-Technik concept.  We will work with you to ensure your employees are prepared and fully trained to operate your purchase prior to the beginning of its operation.  We offer employee training by means of modern media and technology in our own training facility or yours, (after installing the equipment).  We stress the importance of employee preparation and training, considering them part of our installation process.  Our training courses for maintenance personnel will prepare your staff for trouble shooting on all kinds of bakery machines.  Let us help you take your bakery to the next level with the modern amenities you need offered by a name and quality you can trust!

24/7 Internet Service

HB-Technik is one of the first companies in the world to provide a 24/7 internet technical assistance service for your new hardware and software systems.  We are connected all over the world in less than 3 minutes if a high speed internet connection is provided from your local site.  With this new service, we are able to help you in case of a problem 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We can check and trouble shoot down to a switch, or motor on our system.  Program updates can be done directly over the internet.  After the first 6 months, (the first 6 months come with a free internet service), the installation is complete.  You can purchase a service contract to cover your equipment 24/7 - offering a worldwide internet service.  We maintain 4 locations worldwide, providing this service day and night 365 days a year.  Our technicians can locate and fix problems right over the internet.  We can help your maintenance personnel quickly locate problems and solve them A.S.A.P.  Contact our emergency services at 973-332-8234